Mavi Duman

Model United Nations

The First Annual Session will take place December 9th-11th, 2022

Mavi Duman


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A Letter from the Secretary-General

Most Distinguished Future Participants of Renaissance Model United Nations Conference 2023, Faculty Advisers and dear Chairpersons, 
It is my utmost pleasure to welcome you all to Renaissance MUN which will take place on December 9-10-11, 2022. 
I am Ulas DALKIRAN, a freshman student in Marmara University. As a MUNER  who has commenced his career in 2018 and has been a part of it as a delegate, deputy chair, president chair and under secretary general, I feel great pride in serving this organization as a Secretary-General. I promise on behalf of myself and my secreteriat that we will work very hard and do our best to make Renaissance MUN an remarkable  experience for everyone.
Renaissance MUN is so much more than just the debate that happens in committees. Delegates at our conferences build friendships and make connections with people from diverse backgrounds. These relationships often go past the three  days we spend at conference together.
Renaissance MUN will feature six unique committees each led by a passionate under secretary general and president chairpersons. Through our General Asemmblies we have one special crisis and crisis committees. Our General Assembly committees are Disarmament and International Security Committee, United Nations Human Rights Council Committee and Sosyal Kültürel ve İnsani Komite. Our special crisis committee is Futuristic Special Political and Decolonization Committee, and lastly our crisis committees are French Revolution Crisis Committee and Aydınlanmışlar Kriz Masası. 
These committees were chosen not only because they were distinctive, but also because they might appeal to a wide range of people. When you join our trip, Renaissance MUN 2022, you will have the finest academic experience possible thanks to our experienced team.
As a Secretary General of Renaissance Model United Nations Conference 2022, me and the secreteriat cannot wait to serve our  participants and have an unforgettable experience together.




Secretary General of Renaissance Model United Nations 2022